Sen. Albert: Michigan’s pro-abortion extremists reject commonsense protections

Sen. Albert: Michigan’s pro-abortion extremists reject commonsense protections

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Thomas Albert on Wednesday voted against Democratic measures that he said are another move toward extremism by abortion advocates.

“Voters approved Proposal 3 — but that does not mean we must have unregulated abortion for anyone at any time for any reason,” said Albert, R-Lowell. “The Legislature can and should still have a say, as Proposal 3 outlines, particularly after a baby reaches fetal viability. But these votes today are yet another sign that pro-abortion extremists are moving beyond what was in place under Roe v. Wade.”

The Democratic plan, for example, weakens protections for women by removing specific references to the crime of abortion resulting in the death of a female from state law.

Albert said that is a “dangerous and irresponsible step” that puts women in danger while protecting the abortion industry.

Albert recently led Senate Republican introduction of a plan (Senate Bills 106-118) that would maintain and strengthen commonsense state regulations that were in place even when Roe v. Wade was in place. The Republican plan would strengthen penalties related to performing “partial birth” abortion, allowing a baby that is born alive to die from neglect, coercing someone into having an abortion against their will, and permitting a minor to have an abortion without parental consent. Democrats rejected the amendments.

Democrats also rejected Republican amendments that would prevent the abortion of a baby based solely on the diagnosis of Down syndrome after fetal viability and ensure pregnancy resource centers would continue to do their important work. Democrats also rejected Albert’s plan to provide $22 million in support of adoption and maternal health. The adoption-related amendment would not have restricted access to abortion in any way.

“Time and time again extremists who label themselves ‘pro-choice’ advocate for only one choice — the one that ends with the death of a child through abortion,” Albert said. “I am sickened that a plan to save lives and build families through adoption — while also helping expectant mothers get the support they need — would be rejected.”

More than 30,000 abortions were performed in Michigan in 2021. The number has increased each of the past five years.

“I continue to hope that we have not become a lost society that glorifies abortion and the death of an unborn child,” Albert said. “It was not long ago that even the most ardent abortion rights supporter acknowledged that abortion should be rare. But the statistics we see here in Michigan are heartbreaking.

“Every human being that has ever walked the Earth has passed through all stages of development in their mother’s womb. To not recognize that we bear the responsibility to care after others in the same way we were cared for is a total blindness. That being said, I for one will not lose faith that the pendulum will swing back in favor of supporting life.”


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