Survey from Senator Thomas A. Albert

Thank you for taking our Senate District 18 survey. We appreciate your feedback. Please select a response to each of the following statements:

2023 Fall Survey version 2
Inflation was caused by too much government spending and has hurt my family budget.
As families continue to face higher costs, we cannot afford the proposed mandate to switch to 100% renewable energy in Michigan by 2035.
With health care costs on the rise, the Legislature should reject the governor’s call to codify Obamacare into Michigan law.
Learning loss during the pandemic remains one of the top challenges facing Michigan schools.
Roads in my community are in visibly better shape than they were five years ago.
Michigan is spending too much money on the economic incentives given to corporations without a proper return on investment for taxpayers.
New proposals to reduce regulation of abortion clinics and possibly remove parental consent for minors seeking abortion should be rejected.
I am concerned about the state eliminating most of its budget surplus during these uncertain economic times.
School safety funding in Michigan should include resources specifically for school resource officers.
Overall, I feel positive about Michigan’s future.

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